Anna Karenina: Not what I expected

i recommend

I saw this film on Christmas, with no knowledge of the plot beyond the book’s author. I was therefore expecting a typical period piece, only to be given something entirely different: a highly stylized telling of the classic Russian novel.  In fact, director Joe Wright’s work here reminded me a lot of Baz Luhrmann’s in pieces like Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet.

One thing he does in the film is he mimics theater traditions by employing moveable sets. Often, the characters walk from one scene to the next through time and space, ie straight from their house to a train station, as they might in a stage play. For the first several minutes, I was really dreading an entire movie of this, but ultimately I found myself liking it. As the film goes on, Wright develops a rhythm that feels almost dance like and the audience falls into…

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