July books

Pride and Prejudice: An Annotated Edition - Jane Austen, Patricia Meyer Spacks The Annotated Pride and Prejudice: A Revised and Expanded Edition - Jane Austen, David M. Shapard The Science of Herself - Karen Joy Fowler The Philosopher Kings - Jo Walton The Star Side of Bird Hill: A Novel - Naomi Jackson Groves China to Me - Emily Hahn Ross Poldark - Winston Graham Crystal Kingdom (The Kanin Chronicles) - Amanda Hocking Imitation - Heather Hildenbrand

After receiving two annotated editions of Pride and Prejudice for my birthday in June, I started July by reading both at once, which took some figuring out. I soon settled on reading Austen’s text on my Kindle so the flow of the story wouldn’t be interrupted–those side notes were too tempting otherwise. Every chapter or two I’d go to the physical books to catch-up on the often fascinating annotations.


I loved reading Pride and Prejudice again, of course, but I’d forgotten how unsuited Elizabeth and Darcy seem at first. Even though I knew how the story goes it added some delightful tension to the story. 


The Patricia Meyer Spacks edition of P&P is a gorgeous hardback with color illustrations and more emphasis on discussing literary criticism critiques of Austen’s work than David H. Shepherd’s offering. Shepherd’s book is a paperback with lovely black and white illustrations, and his book gave a little more attention to interesting bits of historical background than Spacks book did. 


While I was reading Austen I was also reading a pretty good Kindle freebie, Imitation by Heather Hildenbrand, that had piqued my interest by having a clone as a main character. It wasn’t Orphan Black wonderful, but the story did hold me to the end. 


Below are links to the books I read and reviewed in July:


The Science of Herself

The Philosopher Kings

The Star Side of Bird Hill

China to Me 

Crystal Kingdom 

Ross Poldark

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