The krazy kapers of the Kopp sisters


Girl Waits with Gun - Amy Stewart

When the three Kopp sisters drove into town, they had no idea it would unleash a crazy chain of events and a world of trouble. The combative owner of a local silk factory ran them down with his automobile, flipping and crushing their horse drawn buggy, and then refused to pay for the damages. Constance Kopp kept after Henry Kaufman for restitution, their funds were limited and it was only right that he should compensate the sisters, but she had no idea how aggressive, antagonistic and dangerous he would be. Kaufman and his goons threatened their lives, set fire to their home, threw bricks through their windows, and shot bullets around the isolated family farm where sisters lived by themselves. But the Kopp women, especially six-foot-tall no-nonsense Constance, weren’t about to back down. They armed themselves, patrolled their property, and with the help of police set traps to catch their tormentors.  


One of the best things about this lively, entertaining book is that it’s based on a true story–the newspaper articles printed in the text are real and the catchy title “Girl Waits With Gun” was one of the headlines. Other than the bare facts not a lot is known about the actual sisters, but the author did a great job creating distinct personalities for them. While the story doesn’t have the fastest pace it is suspenseful, and I loved reading all the colorful and evocative details about life in the early days of the last century.

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