Jenny Haggerty
Silver Spring, MD USA

Bio: I post reviews on various book related sites including BookLikes which you can find here: http://jaylia3.booklikes.com/ and I have Jane Austen specific reviews on AustenProse here: http://austenprose.com/author/jaylia3/ More about me? I'm a long time book lover and was sneak reading books under my desk in elementary school. Back then I wept as I read Carolyn Haywood's "B is for Betsy", was transformed by seeing that the less than perfect Meg Wallace--a girl much like me--could be the main character in "A Wrinkle in Time", and longed to have adventures like the mystery solving Trixie Belden. Once out of high school I indulged my passion by spending four years reading The Great Books at St. John's College in Annapolis, MD, which is where I first encountered Plato, Jane Austen, Dante, Chaucer and Tolstoy among others. Today my tastes are eclectic. I love history, mystery, biography, classic novels, YA, steampunk, popular science, literary fiction, urban fantasy, scifi (sometimes), and etc. And I've managed to earn a living as a reading tutor, trying to develop a love of books in students who struggle with words on a page. My reviews are largely positive because there are too many books I'm dying to read for me to take the time to finish and then write about books I don't adore.

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